Teemu Räsänen

  • Transdisciplinary Creative/Artist + Executive Creative Director/Curator 

Interested in / curious about

  • Awareness, Balance, Being, the Big Picture, Belief systems, Breath, Change, Connection, Consciousness, Cosmos, Creativity, Curiosity, Death, Dimensions, Duality, Ego, Energy, Enlightenment, Escapism, Existence, Freedom, Future, Growth, Human condition, Humour, Interconnection, Light, Meaning, Meditation, Metaphysics, Mind, Mind-Body, Non-duality, Oneness, Psychedelic research, Psychology, Quantum Physics, Questioning, Reality, Self, Silence, Sound, Simplicity, Singularity, Space, Spirituality, Subjectivity, Synthesis, Systems, Tetrahedrons, Trance, Transcendence, Transhumanism, Understanding, Universe, Water, Waves, Wisdom, Wondering…

Also into

  • looking at rocks, waves and clouds
  • listening sounds + making them e.g. with analogue synthesizers
  • wandering in arctic landscapes
  • rowing a boat on a big lake
  • asking questions …What are you curious about?

Studied in

  • Aalto University (Visual Culture & Contemporary Art, MA)  
  • Geneva University of Art & Design, Switzerland (contemporary art)
  • Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Canada (visual art)
  • Academie Minerva, Groningen, Netherlands (visual art)
  • TAMK School of Art & Media, Finland (visual art, BA)
  • Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst, Ghent, Belgium (visual art & illustration)
  • Hull School of Art & Design, UK (graphic design)
  • EVTEK Institute of Art & Design, Finland (graphic design, BA)

    (CV upon request)

Contact info

  • Currently based in Turku, Finland